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Why Does God Hate Me? by Joel McCarthy

Why Does God Hate Me? – Gay Short film (LGBT) – YouTube

Published on 22 Mar 2016

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A coming-of-age comedy about Matthew, a 14-year-old boy living in a very religious town, whose best friend Ester tries to ‘cure’ him of being gay. But a trip to San Francisco shows Matthew that he might not be the one who needs curing.

Re-uploading from the Vimeo video

Behind the Scenes, Trailer, Galleries and More check out:
Written and Directed by
Joel McCarthy
Dakota Daulby as
Nina Winkler as
Produced by
Krista McMillan
Lana Otoya
Director of Photography
Marshall Whitlock
Casting Director
John Morrison
Costume Design by
Michael Tamayo
Jessica Kalan
Danny MacDonald
Production Designer
Bryant H. Boesen
Joel Ashton McCarthy——–Narrator
Daven Pitkin——————–Young Dakota
Kelly Hassen——————-Mother
Jack Christofferson———–Father
Myles Milligan—————–Luke
Ryan Bolton——————–Isaac
Peter Kerek———————Priest
Camera Operator
Cameron La Fave
First Assistant Cameramen
Michael Baier
Matt Watermeyer
John Morrison
Boom Operators
Shaun Brown
Gigi Saul-Guerrero
Sound Mixer
Kyle Gest
Locations Manager
Madison Leigh
Assistant Locations Manager
Liam Ingraham
1st Assitant Director
Milos Djakovic
2nd Assistant Director
Sepideh Merchant
3rd Assistant Director
Kristyn Stilling
Production Assistant
Tara Haynes
Story Editor
John Morrison
Kirby Emerson
Jenny Roote
Danielle Malsbury
Makeup & Hair
Charlotte Lejuste
Best Boys
Luke Bramley
Liam Ingraham
Dolly Grip
Nick Oja
Key Grip
Jeff McAlpine
Nick Link
Rayln Gladue
Rory W. Tucker
Justin Janzen
Chris Aitken
Assistant Editor
Denis Ogrinc
Sound Designers
Marshall Whitlock
Rory W. Tucker
Liam Ingraham
Danny MacDonald
Visual Effects
Nick Oja
Kyle Gest
Vance McCarthy
Penny Ashton
Gary McMillan
Alex McIntyre
Ryan Scramstad
David Gattey
Justin Cannon
Ben McCarthy
Hyatt Stuart
Callum Middleton
Bryant Boesen
Charlie Canaan
Andrew Obal
Nicole Tortora
Patrick Derritt
Gabriela Otoya
Victoria Tortora
Ilona Atzli
Leanne Reimer
Karl Heussner
Daniel Bergeron
Shane Edwards
Fabian Saul
Adam Swaluk
Janai Brettitt
Kristyn Stilling
Brad Lunder
Tammy Tsang
Darren McGovern
Michael Bulland
Naomi Lackmance
Robert Phanect
Matthew Enright
Tara Haynes
Vangie McCarthy
Chris Aitken
Special Thanks
Rita Millikin
Simon Pertile
Bill Thumm
Charles Wilkinson
Carol Howie


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