@lambethlgbt is run by Mark.

This WordPress site has been set up for LGBT people and our friends who live, work or socialise in Lambeth.
It’s aim
* to help local LGBT people network with each other.
* to signpost local events, services and facilities.
* to provide people with independent forum space to discuss ideas
We hope that those providing services and facilities to the LGBT community will feel welcome to post on our wall and share what they are doing.
We welcome all to post their thoughts and ideas – what do LGBT people want/need in Lambeth?
Disclaimer: We believe that people are responsible for their own actions and postings, this is not a platform for hate speech – please post as you would like to see posted. If offensive material is posted we will not remove it, we would rather report it and let Facebook take the appropriate action which in some cases can mean that accounts are deleted. Details of Local groups and organisations:
LGBT Forum:
Details of the Lambeth LGBT Network will be added when they become available.
Lambeth Council: www.lambeth.gov.uk
Lambeth Police: http://content.met.police.uk/Boroug… In an emergency dial 999 otherwise for non-emergencies call 101



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  2. Troy says:

    LGBT MONTH 2017
    For Black gay men
    Have you ever thought about ‘Creative Writing?’
    As black gay men, it’s important that we document, and celebrate our own stories.
    Whether you’ve started to write, stopped, or just thinking about it!
    Please come along to discuss, write, and learn some tips
    Sunday 26th February 2017
    Brixton Library
    Brixton SW2 1JQ
    Please email ehtamard@outlook.com to book your place
                Participants will have the chance to write articles for blkoutuk.com
    It is hoped that the workshop will be an inspiring session that explores the ‘creative process’ and our shared experiences as black gay men.
    Through discussion, writing exercises, and examples, we will:
    ·         Explore our ‘own voice’
    ·         Identify our reasons for writing
    ·         Evaluate our experience of writing
    ·         Discuss ways of moving our writing forward

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